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It's Like Someone Took My Soul

Saskia Fernando Gallery - Colombo, Sri Lanka, 

This body of work titled "It's Like Someone Took My Soul" functions as a type of contact sheet, like an album of film negatives. Inspired by Fabienne's personal journey through daily life and the complexities of the Sri Lankan identities she meets, each portrait is a reconstruction of many -never one- individual.


The works are infused with the essence of her many interactions, which then, at the time of their creation, spontaneously intermingle with her memories and her mood.

While featuring external, physical features, her works lend insight to the inside of each persona. She reveals an interior human world, at times disturbing, but always beautiful. Through her art, Fabienne becomes an unintentional conduit of the soul.


Her portraits are about the characteristics of class, gender, and race. They are a tale of the daily struggle showing distinctive appearances, expressions, and gestures. Her people are everyday and anonymous. Through them, she communicates the conflicting issues in Sri Lanka today: school and education, dreams and weddings, sex and business, silence and fear, courage and dedication, as well as religion and tolerance.



 ― Marguerite Richards


"Intense, arresting, overwhelming, “My paintings are an intimate study of the people around me,” says Fabienne Francotte. 'It's Like Someone Took My Soul' is ... The people who have suffered a lot are, “unable to talk about it… and enjoy the opening doors of Sri Lanka today. It is all inside..."

Faces and the stories they tell - The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

"Fabienne Francotte's pieces ask questions about the face and the stories they tell. What layered histories, contexts and experiences live on a person's face? What stories live beyond it? “It's Like Someone Took My Soul”, an exhibition of the recent work of this Belgian artist, is now on at the Saskia Fernando ..."

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