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I don't know but I remember

Saskia Fernando Gallery - Colombo, Sri Lanka

I Don’t Know But I Remember presents pages of Fabienne Francotte's diaries recorded during her first years in Sri Lanka from 2016.


By cathartically removing each page from within her books the artist creates a chronological visualisation of time, both interconnected and disconnected via its narrative.


The images are a survey of her surroundings, environment and experiences; a juxtaposition of emotional exchanges and simple observations. Included in this exhibition are six miniature figurative clay works that connect the artists discipline to three dimensional form and bear an undeniable link with the process of her paper work.

The intimate nature of these works, both in their subject and medium, act as a gift to the viewer; the artist chooses to share them as an ode to her journey and her encounters.


Fabienne Francotte moved to Sri Lanka in 2016. Her visual documentation of her experiences in the island was repeatedly maintained in her diaries. Her works combine social, emotional and spiritual experiences; the vivid narrative of an expatriate, teacher and observer.

Saskia Fernando



I Don't Know but I Remember - Daily News Sri Lanka

"Her portraits are about the characteristics of class, gender, and race. They are a tale of the daily struggle showing distinctive appearances, expressions, and gestures. Her people are everyday and anonymous. Through them, she communicates the conflicting issues in Sri Lanka today [...]"

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